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Siklu EH-1200FX Link Bundle with Antennas, Brackets & POEs

£5,519.75 £6,623.70 inc.VAT

EtherHaul-1200TX ODU with antenna ADAPTER and 700Mb/s upgradable to 1Gb.

  • Best value Gigabit aggregated connectivity
  • 700Mb/s aggregated out-of-the-box, sw key upgradeable 1 Gigabit aggregated for high capacity and reliable network expansion.
  • Powerful network cascading and expansion
  • Operating in TDD enables setting-up asymmetric capacity configuration.
  • Integrated L2 switch includes extra ports that enables implementation of various topologies
  • PoE-Out feature powers a collocated radio, camera, Wi-Fi AP etc.

This bundle includes 2 x EH-1200FX-ODU-H-EXT, 1 x EH-1200FX-ODU-L-EXT 2 x 1ft antenna, 2 x mounting kit for 1ft antenna, 2 x Indoor POE

Click here for datasheet

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